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Hi there—I’m Jenny Logullo (she/hers) and I’m thrilled to e-meet you! 🌿 👋🏼

I’m a writer, marketer + career coach helping job seekers communicate self-worth + boundaries, build confidence + expertise, and channel curiosity when it comes to exploring new career paths. I'm originally from Chicago, but I moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to grow my succulent plants effortlessly and launch my career in marketing.

By day, I work for a renowned health plan as a communication consultant. I find evening fuel as a career coach empowering young ambitious minds to find their calling. I'm a storyteller and I'm intrigued by self-help books, market trends, and unpacking the evolving workplace.

I created Workplace worth academy to simplify the career exploration for women in early career. 

Today, I work with...

🌱 Job seekers interested in pivoting and don’t know where to start…

🌱 Humanities Majors/Creatives interested in leaping into something new...
🌱 Early-career professionals interested in learning how to communicate their value proposition and move with intent in the crowded marketplace!


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Jenny logullo

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