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Your aha-moment is waiting... 

You've done this solo-style for some time now...

You're clear on your skills + strengths and how that brings value to a person, team, or org... 

You're harnessing a growth mindset and silencing the negative inner critic...

You're pursuing something that excites the heck out of you + you'll know how to evolve based on marketplace demands

Well... this is your lucky day because... 

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The creative, the tech-savvy, the sales person, marketer, name it! 
Our degrees won't limit us.

The self-deprecating soul, who seeks validation + then falls into intense imposter syndrome or doubt.

The corporate junkie who wants to hop into a better work environment and reap a salary raise.

The wanna-be entrepreneur who's lacking clarity + commitment to go after their calling.

Your work isn't just about a paycheck.

It's about access to resources and building connections to sustain a happier life. 

Let's embrace self-discovery and unlock the roadmap to building your ideal future.

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Former clients of mine have reached many #winning and aha-moments with me and go on to apply what they've learned to be confident in the marketplace and take on roles where they are paid their worth.

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Doing the work you need to troubleshoot your current situation isn't always exciting, but it's work that needs to be done. Part of growing in your career is to begin adopting a growth mindset, growing your circle, and seizing opportunities to design a life that excites you. 

It's important to weigh your options carefully, and consider if you could benefit from hiring a life coach. 

Here's what works...

Here's a thing about career growth; there's no one-size fits all.

As the first person in my small family to earn a salary, I was stunned by how little I knew about corporate America and how I lacked the resources, the proper mentorship, and the exposure to strategically decide on my next thing. I just knew I was ready for something, but I couldn't quite pin the what exactly. 

Entrepreneurship seemed so out of reach financially. Launching my consulting biz had to be kept in the wraps, and I was taking on a lot of pro-bono work to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, so that I could unpack the value and impact I could bring for people who sought my services. 

No matter who you are or what you've been through, you come in with a unique culture add, and people can learn something from what you've been through. You're enough and you've got something incredible to offer. 

I wasn't always confident + clear on my strengths.

I'm Jenny Logullo!

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