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Meet Jenny Logullo 

I'm a writer, marketer + career coach helping early-career creatives communicate self-worth + boundaries, build confidence + expertise, and channel curiosity when it comes to exploring new career paths. 

I'm the creator of Workplace Worth Academy®—my 1:1 coaching program aimed to teach students how to narrow their zone of genius in the workplace. I teach my students how to uncover their unique voice, conquer imposter syndrome, and how to build an irresistible personal brand so recruiters + hiring managers find you in today's evolving and competitive marketplace. 

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Workplace Worth Academy® empowers early-career job seekers on difficult workplace situations and how to be smarter candidates in the job hunting market. Not clear not your value prop? Looking to leave a toxic work environment? Seeking to start all over? I'm here to offer you clarity and alignment. 

 That's why I've created an online academy aimed to get you prepared to talk about your career and money with CONFIDENCE. I offer online courses and digital downloads—designed to simplify your search for answers and save you time, so you can focus your energy on executing other big moves. 

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